We believe that every sexual experience a person has should be consensual, safe and add positively to their wellbeing.  Whether it’s one night or one life together we give you the opportunity to make the best decisions and have the most fun.  

Choice Matters

Making the right choice can be hard if you are worried about what might happen if you use condoms or think they aren’t worth using because you aren’t at risk.  The fact is everyone is at risk: whether you are starting a new relationship, whether you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or straight; male, female or trans.  Protecting yourself and your partner should not be difficult or make you feel stressed or anxious.  Good sex is safe sex.  If you are struggling to use protection or want some tips on how to have better sex contact us.

Size Matters

One size does not fit everyone, if you need a different size condom order through our online form and we will send you 12 condoms of the size you request.  If you need something bigger or smaller we have the right condom for you.  Using the right condom feels like using no condom at all.

Time Matters

If you have had unprotected sex it is important you get tested.  Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise, mostly in people under 25 and over 50.  Often people do not know they have chlamydia until they experience joint pain or try for a child many years after they become infected.  HIV has symptoms so mild that in most people who get HIV they go unnoticed.  Only when they get ill around a staggering five to fifteen years later do they realise they have HIV.  Being diagnosed early is crucial to making sure you have the best chance not to have long-term damage from Chlamydia.  HIV diagnosed early is a long-term health condition which is manageable and not life-threatening.  Left too late HIV can take lives. Be smart, contact us today to get tested.

Fun Matters

Sex should always be fun.  If you are experiencing pain during sex then you need to see your sexual health clinic or doctor. If you are struggling to find sex fun think about these few things.

How you are feeling affects your sexual performance, if you are anxious, tired or depressed then you aren’t going to be able to enjoy sex to the same level as if you are feeling happy and energetic.

Do you watch porn too much?  Watching porn over stimulates the brain with sexual images and sounds meaning that sex in real life doesn’t feel as intense.  This can lead to becoming less aroused and struggling to reach orgasm (cumming).  By reducing or stopping the amount of porn you watch your sexual functioning should return.

Supplements affect performance by over stimulating your body.  If you take viagra, as a man or woman, the effect can be so strong that over time your body stops listening to your own feelings and waits for the supplement (e.g. Viagra).  This can lead to a dependency, this means you need the supplement to perform sexually.  Stop taking the supplement and if sexual functioning does not return it is important to see your sexual health clinic or doctor.

LGBT Sexual Health

If you are lesbian, gay or bisexual, chances are your sex education wasn’t relevant to you.  If you want to talk about your sexual health, about the sex that matters to you, contact us with your questions.  If you want to keep up-to-date about issues locally you can also check-out the Cheshire Cheese newsletter with information about what’s going on for LGBT people and the sexual health of our community.

Free self-sampling HIV test kits available here.


Positive Sexual Experiences

Making the Right Choice

Get the Right Condoms

Know the Law