We are here to support and provide a voice for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people in Cheshire.  Whether you are LGBT or you are looking for support for a friend or family member of someone who is LGBT you can find help, advice and friendship at Body Positive.  Realising you are different from others because you are attracted to the same sex can mean you shut yourself off or try to push away those feelings.  Very often this is because we believe we are somehow “not normal” or “unnatural”.  At Body Positive we believe that being attracted to the same sex is perfectly normal and perfectly natural.  Human’s aren’t the only ones who can be LGBT either!

LGBT people have unique challenges that are often due to the misunderstanding or misinformation or others.  We are here to provide a space for you to talk through the issues and give you the tools to be able to work things out for yourself.  Feeling isolated and wanting to make some new friends?  Come along to our social groups and meet like minded people in a safe space.  Worried about exploring your sexual side because you didn’t have information to suit your needs?  Ask us and get screened.

If you’re looking to be a part of the wider LGBT community why not volunteer with us and promote equality for everyone by joining in at pride events, be a guest speaker in a training event, or tell us your story through our Cheshire Cheese newsletter.


Social groups for gay and bi men and lesbian and bi women

Travelling coffee group for gay and bi men and lesbian and bisexual women for people who want to get out and about more

Sexual Health and Gay/Bi Men’s worker for your sexual health and personal support

Expert advice and guidance on better sex and improved sexual health via helpline or email.

STI screening for HIV, Chlamydia and much more.

Support in colleges for young LGBT and questioning people exploring their sexual-preferences and gender identities.

Social Media and Dating Site presence

Support for friends and family of people who are LGBT