It is important for all organisations to ensure they have a workforce that is compliant with the most recent information and practice guidance around sexual health and equality and diversity issues.  Providing the wrong advice and allowing discriminatory practices no matter how small can have a detrimental effect on your organisations, as a lone worker or as a larger business community.

Body Positive will evaluate the learning needs of professional learners to ensure they have the best learning experience.  Learning needs to be an involved, engaging and fun process and this is at the heart of all of our education and training programmes.

To find out more about how we can train you or your staff on a range of subjects including effective sexual health, LGBT diversity and challenging stigma or HIV contact us for a confidential, commitment-free discussion.

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“I came out of the training with a huge smile on my face.  What a fantastic course and the trainer was purely inspirational”

“Excellent, definitely recommend and will be good for residents and all young people”

“This has changed my view of HIV”