Unmissable opportunity to become a trustee!  Body Positive works towards improving sexual health and reducing inequalities across Cheshire.  Being established for the past twenty-four years Body Positive is a leader in working with disenfranchised and vulnerable groups.  We are looking for new trustees to guide the organisation into the future.  If you have an interest in: improving the sexual health of people of Cheshire; reducing health inequalities for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people; supporting young people to achieve the best they can and improve the lives of the most vulnerable in our society then Body Positive is your charity.  If you have two hours a month to spare and want to make a difference locally, a difference that you can see and the people you know can benefit from, then contact us for a no obligation conversation.  

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We are looking for people to help us with:

Community and Support

Befriending; Peer Support; Drivers; Drop-In Support; Positive Role Models

Professional Specialisms

Counselling; Alternative Therapy; Clinic Support

Education & Awareness

Sexual Health Promotion; Community Advocacy; Training; Drop-In; Stands and stalls


Trustee; Administration; Fundraising; Events; Publicity and Promotion


Bridgewater House

230 Edleston Road




Tel: 01270 653150

Fax: 01270 653158

Email: health@bpcnw.co.uk

Body Positive Cheshire &

North Wales

Registered Charity 1009850