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Personal stories about LGBT+ life and loves.

Case Study – ‘S’

S (66) only realised that she was a lesbian a couple of years ago after retiring. Living in a rural community, there wasn’t anyone she knew to reach out and talk to. A friend introduced her to the local Silver Rainbows group. S has now joined the LGBT+ Choir and performed at various different Pride events. Silver Rainbows hosts a number of different events which has enabled S to make new friendships and become confident with her identity as an older gay woman.

Case Study – ‘T’

‘T’ is in his late 50’s and has been accessing Body Positive services for personal counselling as well as Silver Rainbows to support him with his aim to set up a new business as a self-employed portrait photographer.
T has had a number of difficult personal experiences that have undermined his confidence, and these have contributed to T suffering from extreme anxiety.
Silver Rainbows was able to set up a photo-shoot for T with a group of Silver Rainbows members. As well as providing T with personal support and encouragement, Silver Rainbows staff engaged the rest of the group in chat allowing T to focus on the subject. By creating and managing a safe space for all concerned the event was a great success and has been a very positive experience for T and the other Silver Rainbows members involved.

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