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SexSmart are passionate about supporting all members of our local community to develop an understanding of what healthy, happy and safe sex looks like for them and providing the knowledge and resources to pursue that.

Our Story

Body Positive has been providing sexual health services throughout Cheshire since 1998. The organisation began as a small charity supporting local residents who were living with or affected by HIV. Over the following years, Body Positive developed its services in response to local community need and now provides comprehensive services focusing on sexual health advice, education and STI prevention.

Since 2016, we’ve held 1343 outreach clinics, where we have directly supported 5610 individuals in making healthy choices around sex and relationships. In that same time period, we have delivered 657 education sessions at organisations across Cheshire, supporting people in developing their knowledge around sex, relationships and sexuality.

Our Ethos

At SexSmart, we pride ourselves on being open, honest and inclusive.
We believe that all members of our community have the right to access high-quality, comprehensive support and education regarding sex and relationships.

In 2019, a national survey found that 1 in 5 young people felt that neither their school or carers had provided the information they needed regarding:

  • How to access sexual health services
  • LGBT+ issues
  • How to get help following sexual assault or abuse
  • Sexual pleasure
  • Porn
  • HIV
View Sex Education Forum, 2019

HIV - Testing, Treatment and Transmission

The facts about HIV and the help and support available.

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Our Services

Up-front, evidence based, inclusive education and support

SexSmart is committed to providing up-front, evidence based, inclusive education and support to ensure that every member of our community has the tools and knowledge they need to make fully informed decisions regarding healthy, happy sex.

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I was blown away by the accessible and non-judgemental nature of the service provided...I deeply value the work that Body Positive does to make Cheshire a place where LGBT+ people can feel valid and safe.
Jamie N
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Delivery and presentation skills in this difficult subject (sexual health) are second to none. You certainly know how to engage young people in a way that is truly informative, memorable and entertaining.
Sandbach High School Teacher
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Sex education, delivered by SexSmart, is a fun and invaluable session which is tailored to the needs of all young people. Sensitive topics are always discussed in a friendly, positive and supportive manner which are engaging for all audiences. People leave the room knowing where they can find the right advice for them.
Cheshire College South and West Tutor
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Our SexSmart facillitator managed to fit in such a lot of content into the relationship talk, all of which was spot on and appropriate for the group. The facilitator was just brilliant at delivering this session, calm, informative and above all kept everyone engaged and interested in what they were doing.
Friends for Leisure Staff
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We utterly LOVE your sessions, so do the kids! We truly LOVE it when your speakers come in they are so engaging, professional and fun!
Sandbach High School Teacher
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Fantastic training - the trainers were excellent and clearly experts in what they do. Great training, I found it very helpful and will definitely apply lots of the learning to my current role.
Public Health Nurse

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