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LGBTQ+ Individual Support, Counselling, Mentoring and Coaching and Peer to Peer Support.

LGBTQ+ Individual Support

People who are in need of one-to-one interventions will be able to receive personalised support from a project worker and/or therapeutic support from a volunteer counsellor.

We want offer interventions at an increased number of sites across the district.

Our aim is to increase resilience and to tackle social isolation by encouraging and supporting you to engage with peer groups and activities.

LGBTQ+ Counselling

Counselling focuses on the emotional and psychological issues preventing service users from moving forward; taking the necessary steps to becoming more independent and healthier. Counselling is offered by volunteers both in-training and fully qualified. A counselling referral is completed within 1 week.

To evaluate counselling performance and acceptability service users are given an exit questionnaire as well as psychometric evaluation every six sessions. There is no cap on the number of sessions an individual can access as need is evaluated on a case by case basis

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You can make a Referral. by clicking the following button.

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Mentoring and Coaching

Health promotion specialists and practitioners work with service-users to improve their quality of life. This is achieved by improving the skills of our service-user base around well-being, negotiation positive and fulfilling relationships, reducing stigma around improving sense-of-self.

We provide one-to-one guidance and support in person, by e-mail, letter, telephone and online. Drop-in services at our bases and integrated outreach services improve accessibility to service users.

Peer to Peer Support

We are a service provided by and for LGBT+ people which means that a high proportion of our staff come from the LGBT+ communities. The peer support programmes offer the opportunity to meet and share lived experiences.

In addition, we can arrange for buddies to offer support from a particular perspective e.g. age or gender identity from amongst our service users which can help to create resilience.

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